Expat Masterclass

Expat Masterclass

Instructor: Amelia Jazienicki

Start Date: July, 2020


The Expat MasterClass' is designed for those who want to pursue life abroad with a greater sense of security and stability. It is comprised of six modules that address pre- and post-departure preparation, including: self-assessment, applying for jobs and visas, understanding contracts, financial management, and professional and personal networking.

The course is predicated on my experiential knowledge of expat life; the more countries I relocated to, the more patterns I found in my preparation and adaptation processes! I have grappled with every major challenge associated with this lifestyle, such as:

- applying for, and working on, both traditional and freelancer visas in fixed locations;
- preparing budgets, saving money and dealing with taxes in three distinct countries;
- adapting to the unique cultures of every place I've lived in; and
- acquiring broader professional skills and enhancing my overall marketability.

I have lived as an expat in Germany, China (yes, Mainland!) and Vietnam. I always dreamed of living and working abroad, so after finishing graduate school in a different field and working several contracts, I decided to board a flight to Saigon to pursue a radically different path.

I presently work in eLearning Development / Instructional Design and Corporate Training, and started my expat journey as a teacher. I've always had a passion for education, as I can help others to cultivate their talents and abilities. To this day, this is the motivation that underscores my work; it gives me tremendous joy to see those I instruct succeed!

My involvement with 'Rise Remotely' is thus a natural extension of this passion. I am uniquely positioned to offer my knowledge to you in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manner. Regardless of your profession, experience, or country of choice, my objective is to equip you with the strategic 'know-how' for transitioning into this rigorous, but rewarding lifestyle!


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