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achieving remote work success goes far beyond working behind your computer. Real-life interactions, softwares and services designed to help us connect guide us through this remote work revolution and help us deeply enjoy every minute of it. Browse through our valued partnerships and collaborations that offer discount codes, real-life experiences, community, learning, and more.

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Live Beyond

Live Beyond helps you and your business thrive in the new location-independent workplace by making remote work sustainable.

They design immersive coworking and coliving "retreats" around the world that help you and your team build effective work & life habits.

The LiveBeyond Method delivers practical knowledge, tools, and systems that boost Productivity, Wellbeing, and Growth.


Live, work, and learn for 1 week in one of Italy's gems: Tuscany.

Join a group of remote workers in this picture-perfect haven of tranquility. Immerse in the perfect environment to boost your productivity, well-being and self-growth. 



FlOasis is an online booking platform that offers a network of unique stays in nature that have everything remote workers need for a fulfilling lifestyle, such as: beautiful spots in nature, fast wifi, and flexible rentals, with fair prices and no paperwork.

Become a flOasis pioneer!
In exchange for visiting our new accommodations, giving your opinion on the stay and spreading the word to the community, you could get:

  • 3-5 nights for free

  • 15% discount for longer stays

  • Worldwide community and special events

  • Exclusive access to our network of places


Code available: December

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Rise Remotely is currently looking for a wide range of companies and affiliates to collaborate with to progress remote work together and help more people on their journey to remote work success and location-independence. We entertain the ideas of cross-promotion, partnerships, and affiliates between platforms and people associated in the remote work field that are living a location-independent life. After filling out the corresponding application, you will be sent a link to book a meeting. For any questions or a direct connection, please email

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