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from experience and here is what people say about them:

"Mentoring with Christina was awesome because it really helped me gain some accountability and learn a lot of strategies about personal branding and how to really weave my purpose and my vision into what I want to create as a business.  As a coach myself, I am aware of how challenging and vulnerable it can be to enter into a coaching process and really speak your dreams and visions out loud and make a plan to achieve them. The support that Christina gave, and the assignments, as well as the follow-up and constant communication really helped me get aligned with what I want to create. The problem I was looking to solve was where to take my business. I have a lot of different ideas and routes I was considering and I really needed to narrow down my ideas and feel confident in what I wanted to do. Approaching this challenge with the support of Christina was amazing because she had a lot of activities that allowed me to get clear about what were the possibilities are and how could I phrase them in a way that was empowering and how to do this with marketing. She was a great resource and really helped me get on track and confident, I recommend working with her!

— Michaela D'Amico, Nonviolent Communication Coach

Steven Ebbers

Christina Voll

“It's hard to put into words just how tremendously energizing and refreshing Steven is. He is intuitive as he is original and delivers critical insights with such compassion and optimism. He gave me fabulous encouragement and much needed professional advice."

— Frances McNally, HR Director

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Pascale Côté

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Pascale. She has a brilliant mix of professionalism, patience, out the box thinking, and more. Our sessions were jam-packed with new ideas and strategies along with worksheets to guide my efforts and in between our meeting times, we stayed in contact regarding any questions or concerns. In addition, Pascale always managed to foster positive discussions, with a listening ear that brings out the best in her clients. I respect Pascale’s candor, expertise and dedication to her clients and I highly recommend her!

— Marisa

"So happy to have Pascale as my coach! She has given me motivation, concrete advice and steps to take, which I really needed as I didn't know in which direction to go, or what to prioritize. I wouldn't have imagined achieving all the work that I've actually done with our coaching sessions. Everything about my business is much clearer now. Merci Pascale."

— Eloïse, Google Ads Consultant

Pascale is wonderful and I do recommend her services. She is always very professional and knowledgeable, yes easy to talk to and makes you comfortable enough to really get the most out of the sessions & program. I feel that we have already accomplished a lot together, and we will continue on towards even bigger goals!

— Megan,  Muscian

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"When I started mentoring sessions with Christina, it helped me prioritize my goals and realize what I really want. Before I started mentoring, I did not know how to start. I felt lost in what I needed to do and it was overwhelming. Working with Christina, I discovered a flow and I appreciate this discipline. I now feel like I know where to start, and if I have this doubt again, I can solve it by myself because I learned a lot from Christina and have much more clarity. I would recommend mentoring sessions with her because she really knows what she is doing and she is super motivated. 

—  Betül Yildirim,

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Christine Seibold

Becky’s encouragement and advice has helped me to find my own path by finding a remote job which allows me the flexibility I was craving. I think it takes a lot of courage to change direction but with her advice it doesn’t feel so scary and it’s encouraged me to see the opportunities in a new light. Becky has kindly matched me with a Business Coach who needed some assistance, and I look forward to helping out many more small businesses in the future.”

— Jenniffer Darwood ,Virtual Assistant & Freelance Project Manager

"I had the great fortune and pleasure to work with Christine as  a business coach and life coach.I first met Christine at a presentation she delivered at a startup conference. I knew that her program would be very beneficial to me. But more importantly, I got the sense that she was a very skilled coach whose values aligned with mine. And I was not disappointed. With her consummate professionalism and skill, she guided me gently (and at times firmly) through all the steps to set up, grow, and manage my business.  With her coaching, I was able to identify the concrete tasks I needed to complete to set me up for success.  She also helped me identify the general growth strategy and path for the business. She also provided me with invaluable insight and tools to develop the correct frame of mind for success.  I was able to identify weaknesses and strengths. She encouraged me to consider multiple perspectives, and to recognize skills and personal qualities that were underappreciated. With her coaching, I was able to raise my self-confidence and understand and believe in the road map for success. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Christine as a business coach or life coach.  With empathy and very smart insight, she will help anyone find the keys to setup, grow, and manage a business.

—  Julian Kerlee, VP of Legal Affiars

Copy of Becky Wong profile - Sofia Bulga

Becky Wong

Lech is a passionate advocate for open, clear communication and he seeks to foster that both in his own relationships with colleagues and between other team members, teams and stakeholders.

— Peter Spain, Head of Business Development

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Lech Guzowski

Lech is capable, bright and intelligent with a keen understanding of how to drive and manage change through teams with a diverse range of personalities and characters - Erol Staveley, Head of Product, Packt Publishing.

— Erol Staveley, Head of Product

Lech is a passionate person who is full of ideas and advice for presentations. Loved this session.

— Workshop Participant 

—  Julian Kerlee, VP of Legal Affiars

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"Wow! What can I say? I landed the first and only job I applied to with Jordan's help! He helped me focus on the right opportunities to seek out, the right companies, and help make my search much more efficient. It saved me time and frustration. I also learned complete new ways and angles to make my way into opportunities through networking online. He's very thorough and has something for anyone seeking a remote job position. I'd invest in him again and again."

— Kelly C

Jordan Carroll

"Can't say enough about how Jordan has helped me with my remote job search! His program is solid and provides a great framework for remote work. Plus, with his experience, he is able to provide important insights on what it takes to work and succeed remotely. Most important to me, I felt Jordan really wanted to be a partner in my success. He took the time upfront to understand my situation and how to help me. He is genuinely interested in the generating the best outcomes for his clients and finds creative ways to do this. If you're committed to remote work, he's your guy!"

— Mary M

"Kathleen prepared a highly comprehensive internationalization strategy for me personally and for my business. I've got to say - she's the best at what she does. She's extremely helpful, concise, and knowledgeable. I used to write for the premier internationalization publication in the world - and I wish I had had a partner like Kathleen back then. She's unbiased and combs through the details like no one else. She's a true gem and I cannot recommend her enough. Thanks for everything."

— Alex M

Kathleen Di Palolo 

"Jordan's Road to Remote course was a godsen was jam-packed with resources to find positions through non-traditional means. He was very supportive and encouraging, yet constructively critical when need-be. Jordan was very responsi through email and text, and most importantly, he a positive attitude which is very calming when tackling the remote job search. Jordan is a great teacher and mentor. He is wise beyond his years Thanks for everything, Jordan!"

— Omolara M

"Kathleen has been an OUTSTANDING support while I was figuring out the best international tax strategy. She has save me SO MUCH headache and eased my anxiety around the whole topic. Her guidance was exactly what I needed. She really took her time to answer all of my questions, had an explanation for everything that was unclear for my "tax-newbie"-mind, since I really didn't know ANYTHING about the topic. But thanks to Kathleen, I feel super educated now and know exactly what the pro's and con's of different options were. This way I could make the best decision for my individual situation and felt confident in taking action on it. I have to say that it was amazing how I got 3 different options, so I could really weight out where I want to go. And as I said earlier, Kathleen was always there for me when I had an additional question or concern. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I would have never had the courage to follow through with my plans and now I feel freer than ever."

— Kathi H


Andrea Elibero

"Andrea brings so much to the table! Her background in health and nursing is such a bonus because she truly understands those in the health and wellness space and can create technical and structural solutions to support them. I have worked with her on a few projects with clients and she has a calm and thoughtful approach to creating systems for launches and business operations.

— Lacey McLaughlin, Conversion Coach

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"Andrea is one of the smartest and most strategic online business managers I know. Her valuable insight and guidance has helped me to work smarter, not harder. She is truly a systems ninja and can help you implement the same strategies that launched her business in less than a year to help you with yours. Her journey inspires me to stay true to myself WHILE being business savvy. If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand, hold you accountable, and help you grow a business that’s uniquely you, Andrea is your girl."

Janelle Cepero, Online Service Provider

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