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All of your frequently asked questions, answered:

About Purchasing ✨

Why buy on Rise Remotely?


Purchasing on Rise Remotely means you are accessing material that is vetted and has proven results. Not only will you have access to the best courses and resources produced by our creators, but you’ll also have frequent discounts and promotions to be able to access this material at a cheaper price. 


The first 50 people who buy a course on Rise Remotely, or sign up to our community will be given forever-free access to our community, where we will have additional free resources, live sessions, networking opportunities, accountability calls, and additional discount codes and promotions from our community partners. 


What if I buy on the creator’s platform instead?


You have the choice to work 1:1 with them, although you will not get the perks that Rise Remotely offers, such as continuous support, community access, and our lower purchase price.


What happens if I accidentally buy on a creator’s platform, but would rather buy on Rise Remotely?

That is no problem. You can simply contact us at and tell us which resource you bought and that you would like to transfer to the purchase to Rise Remotely instead. 

How do I apply discount codes?


You can simply apply discount codes during the purchase process. Once you hit the “buy now” button, you will have a field where you can add “promotions". Here, you can add the discount code and you will that it has been applied. Be sure to type the code exactly how you received it (caps, punctuation, spelling, etc.).

Can I buy a course or resource for a gift for someone?

Of course. All you need to do is purchase the resource and either email us back when we email the information or email the course instructor telling them who the course is for and sharing their name and email.

About Our Courses & Resources 💻

What are some challenges when completing this online material?

These courses and resources are designed to challenge you and create a new lifestyle for you. This process can sometimes be challenging professionally and personally. Rise Remotely is created to help you own it every single step of the way. If you face issues with implementing the material into your real life, contact your creator if you are still enrolled in a program with them. If your program has ended, please contact, we are always happy to help!

Do I need to complete my Rise Remotely course at a specific time?

Some products, such as live online sessions have certain dates for when they go live. You can purchase these courses at any time and the start date is always listed in the description or provided to you via email.

When you purchase any other type of learning material on Rise Remotely, it is between you and your instructor to discuss any deadlines or completion of any assignments.


All courses and resources you purchase on Rise Remotely will always be accessible to you.

Can I test an online course?


All of our 1:1 coaching and mentoring programs offer a free discovery call. You can sign up for this using the button “book a discovery call” on our creators’ page. Here, you’ll be able to talk directly with the coach or mentor and see if their program is a good fit for you. 


As for testing e-books, live sessions, and online courses, it is not possible. Although, our freebie page has free resources related to each course so you can learn more information. 


Rise Remotely also offers a free placement call to discuss what program or course is best for you. We are happy to provide more information about the course you inquire about on this call or via email afterward. 


If you would like to receive more information about a specific course over email please email: 

What do I get when I purchase?


You will receive all the information you need to complete the course, you'll be introduced to the creator of the course or program, and you'll get continuous support for completion of the course and implementation of the course from Rise Remotely.  

How can I access the course or resource?


You will be emailed everything you need to get started from  If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please check your junk or spam. If you still have not received anything, please email so we can get you your material as soon as possible.

About the Community 💛

What is the membership?

Rise Remotely is currently growing a community of remote workers, online business owners, freelancers, and expats living a location-independent life to grow and learn together. It is a safe space to encourage others to grow, improve yourself, learn together and rise higher together. It includes live online sessions for the community, networking opportunities, and free resources from Rise Remotely. We also send out exclusive community discounts for Rise Remotely and other businesses working with us to progress the movement of remote work. 

How do I apply for the membership?

We are currently growing the base of our community, which means we are giving away the first 50 spots in our community for free! You can sign up here using this link.

Is the membership paid

We are currently growing the base of our community, which means we are giving away the first 50 spots in our community for free! You can sign up here using this link. Although, after we hit 50 we will be charging for it, so save your spot!

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