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Our instructors all have projects of their own that they are passionate about, and therefore are continuously learning. Here you can learn about their projects, what courses they teach and an inspiring quote:


Christina Voll

As CEO and Founder of Consulting and Rise Remotely, Christina Voll continues to practice and perfect working remotely. She has worked for strategy for companies located in 4 different continents, including a leading Growth Hacking agency in Israel and SaaS companies in Canada, Spain and the US.  After 6 years of freelance consulting, she now strives to help people follow this path as well.


How To Own It As A Freelancer

1-month Freedom Training

Ebooks + Whitepapers

Current Projects:

CEO and Founder of Consulting

CEO and Founder of Rise Remotely


"The more you travel the smaller the world seems, and the more you learn, the bigger the opportunities are."

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Steven Ebbers

After combining a Masters in psychology with being a professional athlete, Steven leapt into personal-growth startups. He enjoys long talks about meaning, habits and how to make the most of any situation


How To Define Your Personal Mission

Current Projects:

Head of Product, Nomad Academy

Enterprise Coach at the University of East London


"The sooner you realise that it is about the journey, and not the goal, the sooner you can start doing things that actually resonate with you."


Pascale Côté

Pascale empowers conscious entrepreneurs and heart leaders to align with their purpose, speak their truth and sell with heart, so they can enjoy their freedom-based lifestyle.


1-month Freedom Training

Current Projects:

CEO and Founder of


"It’s time to get purposeful, feel alive and do something that matters.”


Amelia Jazienicki

Amy is a Learning & Development (L&D) professional who designs eLearning solutions for corporate and individual clients. She started her journey abroad as a teacher, and has lived and worked in Germany, China, and Vietnam. She hosts a podcast titled 'The Expat Experience' where she discusses the highs and lows of expat life with her guests. She brings her knowledge and expertise of both eLearning and expatism to this platform.


Expat Masterclass

Current Projects:

The Expat Experience Podcast 


"It isn't the number of countries that you've been to that matters, but the ones that managed to both break
and rebuild you as a person."

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Tosha Lackey 

Tosha pursued entrepreneurship after investing tens of thousands of dollars in education and certifications to become a Certified Public Accountant and eight years of her life to become the Vice President of Finance for a well-respected marketing company in Oklahoma City. She left her career to pursue entrepreneurship and life on the road with her family. She's an advocate for building the life you want, not the life you're expected to have.


How to Build a Business with Value

Current Projects:

Founder, Caffeinated Consulting

Co-Founder, Bison Track

Co-Founder, Edie Kate


"The only difference between today and tomorrow is what you do with those 24 hours."

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