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The Rise in Remote Work Report

 Report · Published January 26th, 2021

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Rise Remotely has compiled a precise summary of remote work trends, taking into account data from several major publications on the state of remote work over the last few years. By providing detailed information on the increase in remote work and the opportunities it provides for companies and individuals, Rise Remotely is intending to support aspiring and established remote workers, freelancers and online entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized companies transitioning to remote working.


This report covers the following topics:


  • What benefits remote work offers and how it relates to the “new normal”

  • How remote work has increased over the last decades

  • What impact COVID-19 has had on the rise in remote work and how companies are responding to the changed work situation

  • How the company landscape is changing and which trends are set to influence the future of work

  • Which industries are considered to be the foundation of the progression to remote work

  • What the rise in remote work means for freelancers, online entrepreneurs and remote workers

  • How Rise Remotely can help you master the transition to working remotely

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