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Meet your instructors, coaches,  mentors, and creators

our experienced team of remote work enthusiasts, experts in digitalnomadism, experienced expats, and onine business owners will guide you with their go-to strategies, processes, and advice from real-life examples. We have a combination of certified coaches, mentors, trained instructors and creative course creators to give you a wide variety of learning styles and materials.


Christina Voll


Courses & Resouces

I help aspiring freelancers and business owners change their lives with remote work. 6 years ago, I chose to never step foot into an office and continue to never do so. I have worked as a freelancer and helped over a dozen of brands in multiple continents grow their online presence through digital marketing and growth strategy. During this time, I also traveled extensively and experienced how to achieve remote work success. After years of working as a freelancer, I chased a more purposeful route and took the leap to help others pursue their freelancing careers and be able to live a location independent life. I do this by offering 1:1 coaching, live sessions, online courses, and providing resources to achieve remote work success.


Starting a Freelance
Business from scratch


Creating processes for
big projects

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Steven Ebbers

After combining a Masters in psychology with being a professional athlete, I took the leap into personal-growth startups. My personal mission is to help people question their reality, finding out what truly resonates, to help them have a fulfilled life. I'll try to do this by asking the hard questions, having one on one conversations, and facilitating workshops. I thoroughly enjoy long talks about meaning, habits, and how to make the most of any situation. Currently I work for Nomad Academy as the Head of Product, designing and delivering programs that help people define their Personal Narrative and develop the Start-UpSkillset. 


Creating order

out of chaos 


Personal Growth


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  • Discover Your Personal Mission

  • 1:1 Coaching with Steven Ebbers

Courses & Resouces


Pascale Côté

  • Freedom Roadmap Training 

  • 1:1 Coaching with Pascale Côté

Courses & Resouces

My mission is to help freedom seekers like you change their latitude, reach their full potential, and transform their life and business. I’m dedicated to helping heart-led entrepreneurs grow their freedom-based business in a smart and balanced way: by building it around your life, who you are, what you want out of life and what you genuinely value. You don’t have to be anyone else to thrive and create the freedom you deserve. I’ll be by your side to make it happen in a way that feels good. I’ll guide you to embrace both adventure & ambition by helping you design your own version of freedom and grow an impactful, flexible and reliable business around it.


Helping you speak

your truth 

Magnetism and leadership to sell with heart

Inspiring your to align with your prupose


Christine Seibold

I am a Harvard-trained Virtual Freedom Strategist based in Miami and the Owner of Freelance N’ Freedom and Femprendedoras. I love coaching others on how to leave their 9 to 5 jobs to start their own virtual assistant business through my 8 week program that I designed based on my own experience. I started my journey as a Virtual Assistant and then transitioned to a certified business coach. In early 2020, I launched Femprendedoras, a women’s entrepreneur community in Seville, Spain that runs workshops and supports women entrepreneurs to learn, grow support each other and reach their goals so that they can be successful business owners. I will be expanding Femprendedoras to a chapter in Miami once COVID passes. As a certified life coach and an International community leader and speaker, my main goal is to help men and women follow their passion and lead them through the steps of how to start their own virtual assistant business so that they can have unlimited vacation, travel the world, have a flexible schedule, spend more time with family and live the freedom lifestyle that they dream of. 


Setting boundaries in life and business

Creating communities of support and growth

Freedom-based organization systems

  • 8-Week Virtual Freedom Program

  • Boundaries and Borders Program

  • Finding Your Niche

  • 1:1 Coaching with Christine Seibold

Courses & Resouces

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David Gamboa

  • Livebeyond Mentorship Program

  • 1:1 Mentoring with David Gamboa

Courses & Resouces


After more than 10 years in the corporate world, I decided to take the leap and break-free from the land of cubicles.  What was thought to be a “successful” career for most, lacked any true meaning, purpose or joy. 

As an avid traveler, creative by heart and fascinated by the power of mindfulness when it comes to improving the quality of our lives, I now work to redesign the way we live, work and travel.

Inspired by the work of world-class performers such as Tim Ferris, David Allen, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh and others, I co-created LiveBeyond as a medium to help others enhance their true potential and live a healthier, more productive and meaningful life.

I was able to break-through my deepest limiting beliefs and snap out of life’s autopilot mode. You can too.

Overcoming limiting beliefs

Boosting wellbeing and personal growth





Courses & Resources:

Expat Masterclass

Amelia Jazienicki

I'm a Learning Experience and Instructional Designer who has spent five years working in L&D in various capacities. Much of this experience came from my times as an expat in Germany, China and Vietnam. I launched The Expat Experience podcast in the hopes of sharing the nuanced experiences of expats globally, and inspiring those considering taking the same plunge. Designing eLearning solutions is myabsolute passion, and I want to bring my in-depth knowledge of expat life to this innovative platform. I want to give others the successful blueprint that prepared me for expat life each and every time I pursued it.


Courses & Resources:

Build a Business with Value

Tosha Lackey

After investing tens of thousands of dollars in education and certifications to become a Certified Public Accountant and eight years of my life to become the Vice President of Finance for a well-respected marketing company in Oklahoma City, I realized I was on the wrong path. I left my career to pursue entrepreneurship and life on the road with my family. My husband and I packed our 2,200 square foot home into a 400 square foot RV and hit the road with our two youngest children to build our businesses remotely. I'm an advocate for building the life you want, not the life you're expected to have.


Help us change 

remote work!

This could be you

Rise Remotely is looking for contributors, instructors and coaches! If you have a passion for remote work and have experience in working remotely or a specialized remote-work field, please contact us. We are currently looking for people to write e-books, teach courses, live sessions, and offer 1:1 coaching. Please contact us if you have experience in helping freelancers, digital nomads, expats, enterprisers or remote workers. We are also looking for remote work coaches to help companies make the switch to remote!

Projects and passions

Our instructors, coaches, mentors, and creators are trained with real-world experience, and many of them have gone through the process of starting 1 business, or more. They pull from their own experience to be able to get you started on the right foot in the real world, so you can learn from materials and real-life expreince.

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Head of Product,

Steven Ebbers


CEO & Founder,

Pascale Côté

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CEO & Founder,

Christina Voll

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CEO & Founder,

Christine Seibold

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CEO & Founder,
David Gamboa

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CEO & Founder,

Christine Seibold


Podcast Host,

Ameila Jazienicki 


CEO & Founder,

Tosha Lackey