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Proposal + Pitch Guide

Proposal + Pitch Guide

Instructor: Christina Voll

Starts: March 1, 2021


Christina Voll has been a digital marketing consultant for the past 6 years. She has been growing her digital marketing consultant business while working as a digital nomad for the past 6 years. From never having a "dry spell" Christina has success managing her freelance business and working with over 20+ brands. She now takes 6 years of experience to drill down your "why" before you pitch, and shares her unconventional way of getting contracts signed, and leaving clients over the moon happy.

In this document you will discover:

  • what a pitch means to you
  • how to find "your why" when pitching clients
  • what to do to avoid spending too much time on proposals
  • the tools, tips, and process for making your own proposal and making it beautiful
  • how to be convincing and succeed in getting clients to sign the contract and work with you
  • the unconventional truth of pitches and proposals that 6 years of experience uncovered.
  • a 20-minute check-in call with Christina and auditing your pitch and proposal 


Equip with practical examples from 6+ years of work growing, a freelance digital marketing consulting agency.
Equip with assignments and tips and tools to help you succeed.


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