5 Mentoring Sessions With Christina Voll

5 Mentoring Sessions With Christina Voll

The focus of all of these mentoring sessions are to give you a kick-start when you need them. They are valid for 1 year, in the event that you want to try things out on your own, and become stuck, or want that motivation you had 3 months ago. They focus specifically on what you need to keep you going and keep chasing the life you want.


This package is designed to seem like you have an on-demand mentor to help you out when you hit a roadblock, or when you don't know what step to take. The service stretches out over a year so you can grow on your own, and be guided all the way with the right tools and resources. You get access to my personal Whatsapp and email to give you motivation the whole year, and establish trust in our connection, and in yourself that you've got this.

This mentoring is geared for people who want to choose freedom. This can mean that you want to become a freelancer, start your own company or land a remote job.


If you can imagine yourself with ultimate freedom, then this mentoring is a perfect fit for you. This mentoring is the best fit for people who want to change. People who can dream of freedom. People who are excited to make the leap. People who are ready to re-discover their fire. 


As a mentor, I have 48 e-books, exercises, checklists, workbooks, etc. prepared to help people own their path to freedom. This mentoring call will also provide you with the best-suited resource from each session.

All coaching and mentoring sessions are booked via Rise Remotely and communication with the mentor will be orchestrated over email. You will first be sent a thank you email for your purchase, and then you will have the option to book a discovery call or speak with the coach/mentor to schedule your session.