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Grow Your Virtual Team With Ease (Mini-Course)

Grow Your Virtual Team With Ease (Mini-Course)

Instructor: Andrea Elibero

Start Date: January 2021


Hiring sucks. UNLESS you do it right.

Build the virtual team of your dreams with ease and grace, set them up for serious success, and run your business - as a team - efficiently and effectively. In this self-paced mini-course you will learn how!

We're tackling hiring myths delegating like a pro and getting this whole hiring process right once and for all.


In this mini-course you will get:

  • 8 detailed modules where I walk you through the entire hiring process from beginning to end
  • An activity inventory to help you determine the exact position you need to hire
  • A plug-and-play job description applicable to any posting
  • A list of the right interview questions to attract that high-vibe- team member
  • An onboarding checklist for a smooth orientation
  • A guide to setting up a standard operating procedure for any and all tasks
  • A team member impact fillers to help you evaluate each role
  • A weekly team meeting agenda to keep your team inspired and on the same page
  • Lifetime access to the mini-course



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