1 hour Mentoring Session With Christina Voll

1 hour Mentoring Session With Christina Voll

The focus of this session is to understand where you are currently and how to make the most impact with the resources you have right now. By the end of the session you will have a clear path of what you have to do, and a step-by-step process of exactly how to get there.


This mentoring is geared for people who want to choose freedom. This can mean that you want to become a freelancer, start your own company or land a remote job.


If you can imagine yourself with ultimate freedom, then this mentoing is a perfect fit for you. This mentoing is the best fit for people who want to change. People who can dream of freedom. People who are excited to make the leap. People who are ready to re-discover their fire. 


As a mentor, I have 48 e-books, exercises, checklists, workbooks, etc. prepared to help people own their path to freedom. This mentoring session will also provide you with the best-suited resource. 

All coaching and mentoring sessions are booked via Rise Remotely and communication with the mentor will be orchestrated over email. You will first be sent a thank you email for your purchase, and then you will have the option to book a discovery call or speak with the coach/mentor to schedule your session.