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Road To Remote Training

Road To Remote Training

Instructor: Jordan Carroll 

Start Date: January, 2020


Introducing Road to Remote, my secret weapon (which, isn't a secret at all, actually, so you can tell anyone) that helps dozens of remote job seekers all over the world. It's a step-by-step course and community that teaches you a system for searching, finding, and landing remote jobs.

It's the same system that's enabled me to work remotely for multiple companies since 2014. It helps my clients find remote jobs that fit their skills without wasting time on hundreds of applications, fake listings, or getting ignored.

The Road to Remote system is a process you can use to get out of the on-going cycle of applying and being ignored. While finding and landing a remote job isn't "easy," it can be "simple," (which is an important distinction).

Using a unique three-step approach, the Road to Remote focuses on circumventing the "traditional" application process which plagues so many remote job seekers. These steps:

  • Process: Create a process that saves you time and energy while organizing your search properly instead of throwing pasta on your wall and hoping it's cooked enough to stick.

  • Branding: Build an online reputation by viewing yourself as a "product," and learn how to articulate your expertise in your niche and skillset as a benefit to targeted companies. We'll work on "selling yourself" without having to go to the street corner.

  • Connection: Execute sustainable networking techniques to build authentic relationships, trust, and get connected to remote opportunities. No more awkward, half genuine LinkedIn messages with your resume attached.


What's included, you ask?

You'll get lifetime access to the course curriculum (preview it below) which includes 50+ step-by-step videos, 20+ actionable templates, and additional high-value bonuses!


  • Introduction:

    • Important Items Before You Start


  • Module 1:

    • Mindset Problems You Don't Think You Have


  • Module 2:

    • Designing Your Remote Life for Your Personal Freedom


  • Module 3:

    • Go Remote with Your Current Company


  • Module 4:

    • How to Organize Your Remote Job Search to Save Time


  • Module 5:

    • The Exact Way to Articulate Your Value to Get Noticed


  • Module 6:

    • How to Use Keywords to Speak a Company's Language


  • Module 7:

    • Your Messaging On LinkedIn and Why It's Most Important

  • Module 8:

    • Resumes That Get More Than a 5 Second Glance


  • Module 9:

    • Creating Opportunities with Your Online Reputation


  • Module 10:

    • The Best Place to Find Remote Jobs for You


  • Module 11:

    • The Networking Methods That Get You Hired


  • Module 12:

    • Creating Trust with Your Target Company


  • Progress Check Point:

    • Where You Should Be


  • Module 13:

    • The Unique Application Process to Stand Out


  • Module 14:

    • Interviews and Getting the Offer


  • Module 15:

    • What's Next?



Lifetime Mastermind Access

You'll get connected with other high performing remote job seekers who are going through the same process. Your ability to share wins, learn from mistakes, and network will help you stay accountable and give you the motivation you need to finally land the remote role you deserve.


Exclusive Content Access

I source feedback from members of the mastermind for the best topics to dive deeper into. You'll get custom training that goes further into the specific issues you're having the most trouble with so you can know exactly how to solve it. This is information that will only be available by investing in this program!


1 Month of Hand Picked Jobs

You'll get exclusive job updates each week, for the course of a month, specific to your niche. We'll scour the internet, paid slack groups, Facebook communities, newsletters, and job boards for recently posted positions and send them your way so you'll always have a pipeline of remote jobs.


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