How To Own It As A Freelancer

How To Own It As A Freelancer

Instructor: Christina Voll

Live Session: March 15, 2021


This live 1.5 hour session will leave you with the tools and resources to be able to own it as a freelancer. Taking 6 years of experience working remotely as a successfull freelance digital marketing consutlant and traveling the world, I've complied all of my learnings, mistakes and tips and tools into a digestible session to kick-start your freelancer journey. 

Before the session starts, you'll be given a sequence of emails with tips and tools to help you discover what niche you want to own it in. This way, you're prepared for the lessons and practical examples that I'll take you through. 


The structor of the lesson focuses on how to discover your personal branding, how to apply for jobs in your niche and the actions needed to maintain longeviety as a freelancer. 


Be ready to restruct your resume, Linkedin profile, and whatever else you express you need in this live session. 



All live online courses include assignments and prep material accessible before the live session via email. We believe in the power of speaking with your instructors. If you ever need to contact any of the instructors on the platform, please email and we will put you in touch.


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