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Freedom Road map 6-Week Training

Freedom Road map 6-Week Training

Instructors: Christina Voll + Pascale Côté

Start Date: Opening March 15, 2021
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This course will help you build your path to freedom and align your purpose with your business goals. The practical step-by-step modules cover theory and technical aspects required to build your life of freedom and make is a sustainable change. 


Maybe you’re sick of waking up every morning and going to a job that you don’t like. 

Or, you feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of information online and the tasks at hand with managing your own business. 

It could be that you are not new to the location-independent lifestyle but feel trapped by fast travel or frozen by the thought of outsourcing your business online. 


Whether you’re an aspiring or established entrepreneur or freelancer, this course is designed to help you navigate through all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and help you arrive at your desired destination of location-independence and ease. 


What's included?

  • 3 calls with Pascale and Christina to keep you accountable
  • Website / Social Media audit 
  • Beta Access Pricing
  • The following modules:




  • Rewiring your mindset - from employee to entrepreneur

    • The 8 mindset shifts you need to make to be a successful entrepreneur

  • How to find your non-monetary worth as a freelancer 

    • How to “stay in your lane” and not get discouraged by freelancers or ent’s that are already established 

    • How to deal with rejected applications, “dry spells,” etc.

      •  i.e. preparation for mindset for the journey of a freelancer (or ent).

  • Defining what freedom + success means to you

    • The importance of drawing your own definition

    • How do create your definition and how it impacts your business?

  • Find your why: 

    • Why are you wanting to work online? (ego vs. sustainable reasons) 

    • Addressing your limiting beliefs

  • How to map your mindset and structure your daily routine for success

    • Habits and hobbies test 

    • Mindset mapping 




  • Demystifying the marketing fundamentals

    • What is marketing + what it’s not

    • The 3 pillars of marketing 

      • Consumer behavior + Understanding buyer psychology

      • Buyer’s journey 

      • Simple marketing plan

  • Marketing strategy in digestible steps

    • Social media marketing - in depth 

    • Digital marketing - what you can do: processes for entrepreneurs/freelancers 
      • I.e. a newsletter, networking, reusing content, etc.

  • Creating your ideal and nightmare client portrait

    • Finding a profitable (and fun) niche

  • Defining your niche in correlation with your purpose 

    • Find your niche drill down assignment 

  • Finding your non-monetary worth as a freelancer 

  • Improving your offers and messaging with market research

    • Why it’s important + when to do it

    • Simple market research framework

  • How to pivot your learning and packages and learn new skills based on your experience 

  • How to sell without much experience 

  • How to consistently learn 




  • Building your personal branding identity

    • Unearthing clues about your identity (tools + tips)

    • Defining your brand pillars + concrete applications (content, website, visual)

  • Create your wix / / squarespace website 

    • Brief tutorials on each 

    • Drill down on messaging and content

      • How to build your phase 1, basic functional website (and make it beautiful) 

      • Explaining phase 2 website creation (you can expand and hire a copywriter, photographer, etc. to help you with what you cannot do yourself).

  • Selling with heart to magnetize your aligned clients

    • Authentic + genuine selling approach that doesn’t sound sleazy

  • Stepping into leadership

    • Defining your leadership type + pep talk

  • Tips and tricks to show leadership / your value 

    • Not always having open availability

    • “The busy game” 

    • Negotiations, etc. 

    • Making sure you always get paid 




  • Essential skills of a digital nomad

    • The X skills + mindset shifts to start your digital nomad lifestyle on the right foot

  • Short guides / personal processes for:

    • Expenses 

    • Relationships 

    • Work/life balance

  • Choosing your destination and planning your first move

    • What to take into consideration 

    • Step-by-step planning 

  • Finding more time

    • Outsourcing and automation

    • Overcoming procrastination to boost your efficiency

  • Productivity tips + tools 

    • Apps/software 

    • Processes for efficiency 


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