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International Tax and Businesses Course

International Tax and Businesses Course

Instructor: Kathleen Di Paolo

Start Date: January 2021


My ‘International Tax and Businesses Course’ will teach you the fundamentals of getting rid of your old tax residency and acquiring a new tax residency that is suited for your lifestyle. This course is designed to be easily digestible so that you don’t get overwhelmed, while still getting all the information you need to design your new tax strategy. If you are a remote worker or digital nomad and want to optimize your tax strategy, this is the course for you. 



What if you finally understood what your International Tax obligations are?

What if you figured out why your Personal Tax Residency is so important?

What if you knew what you needed to do to get rid of your high-tax Home Country's tax residency?

What if you knew where you could obtain a new tax residency quickly?

What if you learnt which countries offer some of the lowest corporate tax rates?

What if you understood in what form you can hold your assets internationally? that you can fully focus on growing your online business and global wealth, enjoy exploring a new country, or simply stop worrying about your tax obligations and obtain peace of mind that you're fulfilling all required obligations.

The truth is that there's not one solution that fits everyone when designing an International Tax Strategy and a Corporate Structure. That is why immediately upon enrolling in the course, you'll receive:

  • 8 video lessons
  • A Step-by-Step Workbook to guide you along the Blueprint for Global Wealth to help you design your very own International Tax Strategy and Corporate Structure
  • A Checklist for getting rid of your home country's tax residency
  • A List of Countries to obtain new tax residency in
  • A List of Countries with low corporate tax rates
  • A List of Digital Banks options around the world
  • A Personal and Business Expenses Spreadsheet
  • A Guide to different types of Business Structures
  • A Guide of what to do after your incorporation
  • A Discount Code for our next soon to be launched Digital Product
  • A Discount Code for a Strategy Session


In this Self-Paced Online Course, You'll Learn:


  • The International Tax Fundamentals
  • The Blueprint for Global Wealth to design an International Tax Strategy and a Corporate Structure
  • How to stay compliant with your legal international requirements
  • How to get rid of your Home Country's Tax Residency
  • How to obtain a new Tax Residency
  • You'll learn about attractive tax incentive programs around the world
  • Where businesses can benefit from low corporate tax rates around the world
  • How to handle your business income and personal income
  • Where to keep your assets
  • Limitations of International Strategies



    All sales are final, no refunds will be offered. I am SO confident that if you take the time to learn and work through the information in this course, you will be able to make the necessary decisions on your own based on our results proven blueprint.


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