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The Guide To Collaborations

The Guide To Collaborations

Instructor: Christina Voll
Starts: March 1, 2021


Christina Voll has been a digital marketing consultant for the past 6 years. She started working in social media and has grown over 20 different types of brands and services through social media and public relations. This is the exact process she used when working as the Director of Business Development, growing a Spanish SaaS company in the Canadian market. 

In this course you will discover:

  • how to reach out to almost anyone to collaborate with 
  • a variety of different processes to communicate with potential leads
  • how to use email marketing to grow your business
  • a crash-course in copywriting
  • how to manage your emails and own the process
  • a 20-minute check-in call with Christina 


Equip with practical examples from 6+ years of work in email marketing and digital marketing.
Equip with assignments and tips and tools to help you succeed.


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