5 Sessions Coaching With Christine Seibold

5 Sessions Coaching With Christine Seibold

The focus of these coaching sessions is to give freedom seekers the flexibility to choose up to three specific areas/topics related to entrepreneurship and take a deep dive into opening their own virtual business (such as creating a personal brand, creating a business plan, marketing, creating systems, routines boundaries etc.).

This package includes 5 1-on-1coaching calls within a 10-week period on Zoom, as well as unlimited access to Christine via WhatsApp and email throughout the 10 weeks.

This program is to help you achieve your goals with building your virtual business, whether that be to work with a motivated team that treats your business like it is their own, have unlimited weeks of vacation and the freedom to travel the world or have a flexible working schedule so you can focus your time on your family or partner.


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    Achieving remote work success requires high-quality education that you actually complete and that is hyper-specific for each unique stage of the journey to remote work success. Rise Remotely offers this education with a collection of e-books, online courses, training programs, live sessions and personal 1:1 coaching and mentoring from a variety of industry experts with a mission to make remote work and location Independence more accessible through online education.

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