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Improving Ways of Working Through Company Culture

Improving Ways of Working Through Company Culture

Instructor: Lech Guzowski

Start Date: Upon Request


The session focuses on capturing, visualizing, and evolving the way things are done at your organization. We will use a framework to bring everything together and create a strong foundation for creating a company culture that will improve your team's way of working and allow them to do their best work.


The workshop focuses on:

  • Defining the team's purpose and values
  • Establishing key priorities
  • Reviewing strengths and weakness and their impact on team priorities
  • Uncovering and addressing team tensions and barriers
  • Identifying tools needed to collaborate effectively
  • Setting out and agreeing on rules, activities, and ways of collaborating


It's useful for:

  • Capturing your existing culture
    • Visualize the current culture on one page, identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Designing your desired culture
    • an ideation tool for organizations without a well-defined culture
  • Evolving your culture
    • taking your current culture to the next level by exploring what does and doesn’t work
  • Recruitment
    • Old vs the new
      • bridge the gap between ’traditionalists’ and ’newcomers’
    • Understanding new hires’ expectations and helps get the right fit candidates and set their expectations right
    • Onboarding
      • Use the completed CDB to familiarise new employees with the organization’s culture
      • Engages and promotes dialogue
  • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Identify culture clashes when two organizations merge


What's the outcome?

You will leave the workshop knowing what you need to do next armed with a list of actionable deliverables to implement and test.


Who it's for:

  • Owners
  • C suite
  • Heads of departments
  • Team leaders


How to Request:

1. Arrange a discovery call with Lech Guzowskiby clicking this link and receive a scheduling link via email.

2. Discuss the structure of the workshop

3. Agree deliverables

4. Schedule workshop date


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