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Level 3: Live Beyond Mentorship Program:

Level 3: Live Beyond Mentorship Program:

Instructor: David Gamboa 


Next Start Date: March 2021 


Level 3: Living Beyond (4 weeks)


Once you have a hold of the daily habits and actions that build up your dream Work life and Lifestyle, you’ll feel more freedom. You’ll experience freedom of time, attention, and energy as you will be able to handle most things life throws at you with less stress, more focus, and more resilience. This is the step where you fine-tune your life experience to bring more creativity, purpose and meaning to your daily life!

You will learn and practice how to:

  • Bring more creativity into your personal and professional life. No matter what you do for a living!
  • Identify with more clarity the direction of your life identify how you can add more value to the world based on your individual strengths develop new ideas, process, organize and execute on those ideas with equanimity.

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